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Staff-Review Permit Timelines
LDR Text Amendment
LDR Text Amendment
Notice is hereby given pursuant to Wyoming Statute §16-3-103 that Teton County is considering adoption of amendments to the Teton County Land Development Regulations (LDRs) to establish longer timeframes for County staff to review five of the planning applications, bringing them to 60 days (from 30-45 days). These applications include the following: 1. Environmental Analyses (EA) LDR Section 8.2.2 (45 to 60 days) 2. Grading Permits (GEC) LDR Section 8.3.4 (45 to 60 days) 3. Sign Permits LDR Section 8.3.5 (30 to 60 days) 4. Basic Use Permits (BUP) LDR Section 8.4.1 (45 to 60 days) 5. Zoning Compliance Verifications (ZCV) LDR Section 8.6.2 (45 to 60 days) These are amendments to the Land Development Regulations which are authorized pursuant to Wyoming Statute §18-5-201.
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LDR Text Amendment
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