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Third Annual Monitoring Report - CUP2017-0007
Third annual review of the Teton Raptor Center Conditional Use Permit, CUP2017-0007, for their Institutional operation, which pursuant to the conditions placed upon the permit by the Board of County Commissioners, requires annual review of operations and conditions.
Application Types
Paid Fees Amount Paid Owing Date Paid
Miscellaneous Planning Application $500.00 $412.50 Paid 04/02/2021
Neighbor Notices $217.50 $217.50 Paid 05/11/2021
Outstanding Fees Amount Paid Owing Date Paid
No outstanding fees.


There are no inspections for this planning application.

Condition Status Department Description Category Expiration Date Due Date
Miscellaneous Condition Open Planning Division Revised Condition #6: Annual Review. Upon Issuance of this Conditional Use Permit, an annual impact monitoring report shall be submitted to the Planning Director by November 30th. This report shall at a minimum include the number of participants on site at any one time, the total number per day throughout the year as well as the number of large groups (over 40 people) per day and year. The report shall also include the total number of visitors, event hours, number and type of vehicles, etc. for the 4 allowed Special Events. The report shall be reviewed at a public hearing with the Board of County Commissioners for three (3) years from the issuance of the CUP following the mailing of a neighbor notice to all property owners within 1,300 feet. After this, the Board may allow the report to be reviewed administratively by the Planning Director. If new issues of negative impacts to neighbors arise due to unanticipated consequences associated with this use, or if the standards or conditions of the Conditional Use Permit have not been met, the annual review shall be brought before the Board where mitigation measures and/or additional conditions may be required in association with the Conditional Use Permit. The Conditional Use Permit may be subject to revocation proceedings for failure to comply with the conditions of approval. If the report shows no negative impacts on neighbors and compliance with all conditions of approval the application may request Board consideration of a change to the maximum occupancy on site at any one time and/or cumulative site visitation per day. ?
Miscellaneous Condition Open Planning Division BCC directed future monitoring report for the Teton Raptor Center to be reviewed administratively per the revised Condition #6

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There are no meeting requests for this planning application.

Documents & Images
Date Uploaded File Type Document Name
4/5/2021 9:37:12 PM MSC2021-0019, Application.pdf
4/5/2021 9:35:34 PM MSC2021-0018, Application.pdf
4/13/2021 3:59:06 PM MSC2021-0018 Sufficiency.pdf
5/24/2021 5:01:48 PM MSC2021-0018 Packet BCC060121.pdf
6/11/2021 9:16:49 PM MSC2021-0018 Decision Letter & CUP2017-0007 Permit.pdf
6/11/2021 9:27:58 PM MSC2021-0018 Notices.pdf
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