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Miscellaneous Planning Request for amendment of a condition of approval on ZMA2019-0003.
Request to amend a condition of approval on ZMA2019-0003 (an amendment to the Official Zoning Map, pursuant to Section 8.7.2, Zoning Map Amendment, approved to rezone 2 acres adjacent to Jackson Hole High School from Rural-1 to Public/Semi-Public) to extend the terms of this condition for an additional year: Prior to the subject site being effectively rezoned to P/SP by filing the rezone with the County Clerk, the applicant shall demonstrate to Teton County Planning Staff with a recorded deed that ownership of the site has been transferred to a qualifying government entity. If this demonstration to Planning Staff does not occur within one year of the rezone approval date, the rezone will be considered expired and the subject site will retain the R1 zoning currently in place.
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11/6/2020 6:12:48 PM MSC2020-0036 Application.pdf
12/23/2020 6:57:47 PM MSC2020-0036 Legal Notice.pdf
1/6/2021 11:09:17 PM MSC2020-0036 Legal NOTICE 1-6-21.pdf
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